Monday, September 22, 2008


Who knew that Black Monday would be a freaking bipolar disorder trigger?  The day here began rather shitty as I was hopped-up on some amino acids and unable to walk.  Rained-out.  It rained all day.

Boom.  I was down.  Even my doctor worried.  That's a story for another day.

I got out and walked yesterday and today.  I've had to revise my route, again.  I can no longer walk along the lake from the end of the downhill street.  Nor, can I walk along the shore of the lake from the end of the street next to the Nueva Posada.  I've been making the latter deviation for the last two weeks or so.  In fact, I can no longer walk along the side of the lake from the end of Juan Alvarez to the Ajijic Pier.  The lake has risen over 2 meters since the beginning of the rainy season.  And, the park that I was pacing through with every other trip up the hill to the plaza is now completely underwater.

It's raining now.  Meds are tweaked, again.  I'm not blue.  And, I'm not pissed off enough about anything to write about it.

And, I'm glad I live on this part of the mountainside.

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