Monday, October 6, 2008

Check Up

Swings used to be fun.

I have to admit that this time around I'm having some cycling that seems quick to change. It's those darn triggers. Money and lying liars. Black Monday and the weeks that followed have put me in a right mood even though my pension shouldn't be affected by all the turmoil. We will be okay.

Liars. John McCain and Sarah Palin sure take a lot of liberties with the truth. Verifiable. Frequent. Dishonorable.

I tried a change in antidepressants to save money. No deal. I'll skip a few meals out to take the chemicals that have been working for many years. My doctor agrees. He was concerned when he hadn't seen me in several days and actually sent my brother over to my house to get me to call him. I showered, dressed, and rode on the back of big brother's 4-wheeler, a popular mode of travel in town, to see the doctor. I'll be checking in with the doctor tomorrow after my exercise. The very end of my walk takes me by his farmacia on the plaza so we exchange pleasantries nearly every day.

I love to walk in the morning. My old routes are impassable due to the rise in the level of the lake. The beautiful and peaceful public park west of the pier is under water. I'm making 6 trips from the lake to the plaza now. I need to take a detour somewhere to make the walk more interesting. With my current rate of down-down days, I seem to be able to get out of bed and out of the house about 4 mornings per week. Yeah, me...

Muscle are being built and inches have melted away. I'm still somewhere around 95 kilos, but I've lost so much fat that I can get into some more of Billy's clothes. I just can't wear those extra-large shirts anymore. My goal is to get down to just under 90 kilos. If I carry my "extra" weight in my leg muscles, I won't feel bad. Nor, do I feel bad about cheating with an occasional sweet treat now that I'm walking off 26 years of being overweight and obese.

I got my monthly vitamin shot (injection or Jab for Brits) last week. I want some more carnitine ..... It gives me a little boost in energy while burning fat. Not to worry. I know when to stop serious dieting. I'll be addicted to walking then, and I'll be able to eat all the tacos, tamales, and bacon-wrapped hotdogs I desire. Mmmmm, maybe tomorrow, I will stop by one of the food stands near the big pharmacy on the main drag and indulge in something new.

I'm too depressed to rant about the election. I want it over.

I have some other ideas.

We know how that can go.

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