Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Yes.  I haven't written.

It seems that the days are just running all together.  I cannot wait until this election is over.  The rhetoric is getting disgusting - from the Palin * McCain camp.  Assholes.

The Stock Market crap is depressing.  Money matters in any form act as a trigger for my depression.  I've had a great month, eh?

Thank God for "defined benefit" pension plans.  If my pension were subject to the fluctuations of the economy, I'd be up shit's creek.  The State of Michigan owes me a set amount of money per month for the rest of my life.  The young folks that are stuck with a "defined contribution" plan had better manage their monies wisely.  I sure as hell couldn't ever... 

Anyway, I'm still walking and losing weight and inches...

I love Mexico.  I love Billy.  I love living here with my companion.


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