Monday, November 17, 2008


Ziva and Abby are sleeping on my lap as I write.  Do they love me?  Chances are they are here for the body heat.  We have had a few cool days and nights.  All of our gatos (cats) have been in bed with us.  It is certainly fun trying to get out of bed in the middle of the night without sending a cat or two flying off the bed.  Thank goodness for our California King.

The November 4 election and the American (and now world) economic crisis has sent me right off my routine.  I haven't done any of my "power" walking for at least three weeks.  Pathetic.  I can't concentrate on TV.  All I want to do is play my old old old game -- Age of Empires.  I can be absorbed in that game for hours.  Unfortunately, afterwards, my neck and back ache for hours.

My mind has been in overdrive and at times outright stalled.  A half dozen essay ideas have come and gone.  Stuck, again.  My bipolar world can suck.  I'm living with it.

Email -- I'm still receiving racist crap from some folks and it isn't appreciated.  President-Elect Obama hasn't even been sworn into office and the idiots are full-steam-ahead on slamming his presidency and him personally.  I'm hardly reading any of the mass mailings that are sent out.  Why get upset about someone else's ignorance and cynicism?

The rainy season in the mountains of central Mexico is past.  The mountains are becoming more brown every day.  Its "growing season".  We will wait for nearly 6 months for cloud cover and rain.

We really do have the best weather in North America.  Many of the Canadian "snow birds" haven't returned.  Many Americans from the U.S. haven't made it back as well.  My advice:  Sell it all and move to Mexico.....

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