Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Corazón de Pollo

Learning something new every day is an activity that is good for the health of your brain.  Even silly things like puzzles can keep a brain active.  So, Old Folks, keep doing those Sudoko Challenges.  And, maybe while you are at it, learn a foreign language.

I'm not particularly concerned about losing my mind.  There is no history of Alsheimer's Disease in my family.  Unfortunately, there hasn't been much of a "history" of old timers' aliments.  Very few, if any, Harris grandparents, aunts, or uncles lived beyond the age of 65.  The medical history of any of the men on the Fuhrwerk side of the family is practically non-existent.  I do know that Diabetes Type II is rampant among my Harris cousins.  And, of course, my mother, her parents, and at least three of Mom's siblings have fought cancer.  My oldest brother lost his fight with cancer far too early in his life.  Chances are, then, I will not have to worry about losing any of my mental faculties.  I do want to stay alert and mitigate any brain drain by exercising my brain.

Moving to Mexico was a brain healthy thing to do.  I'm learning.  I'm exploring.  I'm keeping my mind active.  You can (or cannot?) imagine the amount of stimuli that is here in this place.  This small town boy is occasionally overwhelmed.  Those are the times, it seems, that my faith is strengthened.  Living on a side of a mountain, next to Mexico's largest freshwater lake, in the arid mountains of central Mexico, with a rainy season and a dry season, with tropical flowers and fruits growing right in my backyard, is the experience of a lifetime.

And, I want that lifetime to be long and comfortable.

I learned a new Spanish expression today.  As I visited with Doctor Polo, he described himself as having the corazón de pollo --- the heart of a chicken.  In English -- American slang -- I know that I'm not a chicken shit.  I give my chicken feed to the beggars outside the supermarket.  My chicken legs are more noticeable now that I've lost 40 pounds (a bit less than 3 stone or about 18 kilos).  And, I don't play chicken with anybody or anything.  My wobbly eyes (a British reference to nystagmus) cause me to have an occasional problem with judging distance and speed, so I will not be racing to cross any tracks to beat a train.

I do have the heart of a chicken.  I'm proud of that fact, if indeed that's allowed.  It is who I am and how I always want to be.  Women love it about me.  Some men haven't a clue that it is a very positive thing.  I was a better teacher because of it.

You know what?  I'm gonna be a turkey and not give you the translation.

Exercise your brain.

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Nancy said...

Found your blog on a google alert for "moving to mexico" and I have really enjoyed reading it. I'll be back. Thanks!