Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Learning Something New: Typing in Spanish

It really is a wonder that with minimal research on the Internet we can find almost anything that we might believe we need. Yesterday, I finally searched for a way to type/print the “extra” symbols and letters that we use in writing Spanish words correctly. My frustration with having an English language alphanumeric keyboard is over. Now, instead of being content with the writing of the word corazon without its proper accent mark, I may use a chart found through to type/print corazón. ¿Kewl, eh?

¿Why did it take me so long to figure this all out?

To produce the desired character(s) hold down your Alt key while entering the numeric sequence. The character will appear after the Alt key is released.

UPPER case lower case
Character ALT sequence Character ALT sequence
Á 0193 á 0225
É 0201 é 0233
Í 0205 í 0237
Ñ 0209 ñ 0241
Ó 0211 ó 0243
Ú 0218 ú 0250
Ü 0220 ü 0252
¡ 0161 ¡ 0161
¿ 0191 ¿ 0191

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