Saturday, November 22, 2008


I just read another hilarious blog entry by MarmiteToasty.  She had a remarkable journey to a physical therapy session at the hospital.  Oh, Shit!  Yeah.  I enjoy reading her blog because of her dry and sarcastic humor.  She makes me smile.

I sure can use more smiles these days.  I'm trudging along.  Phreaking mood swings.  I understand my recent obsession with Age of Empires.  It is replacing something else I was doing and it will be replaced with something else soon enough.  That's how it goes.

I understand real clearly why I always seemed to thrive when I was forced (layoffs) or chose to change grade level assignments and/or schools.  If the change coincided with one of my bipolar swings, then I was lucky.  Imagine all my hypomanic energies being directed at becoming a better teacher.  The creativity always seemed to flow.  That's when I had fun.

Oh.  Before I forget to throw out a counter-story to the "Whoo Flung Poo" story -- the crap they make from yeast, Marmite, is really vile.  It is an acquired taste for those of us growing up just far enough from our British and Canadian roots.  Thank goodness of flavors that the folks didn't bring that treasured treat to our childhood tables.  They can have it.  And who is responsible for that Nutella crap?

Anyway, the poo story reminded me of a time in my senior year of university.  Graceland is located in the middle of a corn field in south western Iowa.  Was it heaven?  No, just Iowa. ---  One day a buddy drove me to the bank downtown.  We parked in front, completed our business and when we went to leave there was a cattle truck double-parked beside the car.  As I started to get in the passenger side Chris yelled, "That cow peed on my car!"

Oh, Lord, he carried on for the next hour or so.  It was funny.  Only in rural Iowa.

Maybe, tomorrow or Monday will be the day that I re-start my walking routine.  I was doing so well...... And, I'll be damned if I let all that body weight back on!  Pictures soon.

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