Saturday, December 6, 2008

Happy Holidays

Not likely.

I stopped enjoying Christmas some 22 years ago.  My mother is the one that made Christmas so very special for me.  I miss her traditional decorations, her version of Grandma Harris's Date Nut Bars, our recycled gift tags, and the annual gift of socks.  I've missed them for a very long time.

None of my family has ever been able nor it seems inclined to recreate an "Irma" Christmas.  Yes, I can do a pretty good job of making the traditional Date Nut Bars and some of the other Christmas treats.  Yes, Mom gifted me various tree ornaments that once hung on the family tree.  Yes, I have the little elf gift tag that always found its way to the outside of one of my Christmas presents.  And, socks, yes, I need a few new pairs.

This year, we continue to mourn the loss of our two oldest cats.  Fergie and Di were with us for 15 Christmases.  Our troop of rescued kittens can never replace our girls but they do manage to distract us.  Christmas is for families.  And, by choice and happenstance we are separated from ours.  Yet, if we were closer in distance and friendship (and we had the money for the jet plane) we'd still have a more solitary Christmas celebration.  Its been that way for a very long time.

I do not miss the annual severe sinus infection and bronchitis.  It seems that all those dusty moldy boxes kept in the attic (or school storage areas) were part of the cause.  Why the heck didn't I ever equate my allergies to dust and mold with my Christmas illnesses?  Yes, stress was always a contributing factor, especially when I was still teaching.  [My June (pollen) and September (more moldy boxes and dust) sinus infections have gone away as well.]

So, bare with me as I flounder through another December.  We have no less than 3 birthdays, Mom and Dad Harris's wedding anniversary, and who knows whatever dates to celebrate in December.  It's an eventful month that I'd just as soon skip over.

Maybe, I'll wait until February 28th to celebrate the new year.  That's when they used to do it.......

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