Saturday, December 6, 2008

Knock On Wood

I spoke too soon.  I just got back from visiting Dr. Polo.  I had been feeling poorly all week and it seems to have worsened....

I started to describe my symptoms to the doctor when he asked if I had eaten any fish lately.  Yes.  I had the fish plate at a newly opened "gourmet" restaurant on Sunday.  The doctor told me two things:  I'm not the only patron that got sick after eating their fish.  And, he's not the only doctor that has treated patients for whatever the hell I've got....Well, $30 dollars later, I'm taking two complimentary anti-infection and anti-microbial medicines.

Oh, joy.

Doc Polo seems to think that the restaurant folks aren't to blame.  They have a clean place and he seems to support them.  My problem is -- they choose the fish......  Oh, well, new restaurants are always opening and closing around here....  If the fish story is widely known, that place will close as fast or faster than the last place that tried that same location.

And, only by coincidence, we suspect that Billy got his case of typhoid from eating at the previous restaurant....

Oh, joy.

Well, a couple more days in bed.......

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