Thursday, January 8, 2009

Knuckle Dragger Award Nominee

Magistrate Brian Maloney is a Knuckle Dragger Award Nominee.  His disHonor is a magistrate in Sydney, Australia's Downing Center Court.  Magistrate Maloney warned a young speed law violator of Australian "jail's sexual gorillas."  He used this threat of what I consider as "cruel and unusual punishment" in an attempt to curb the young speeder's lawless behavior.

"You'll find big, ugly, hairy strong men (in jail) who've got faces
only a mother could love that will pay a lot of attention to you -- and
your anatomy," said Magistrate Brian Maloney.

Phreaking disgusting.

Tell me, is rape a fitting punishment for street racing?

This sort of malicious crap has got to end.  I wrote a post on this subject some time ago.  Ezra Klein says it better here.


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Anonymous said...

"Cruel and unusual punishment"... Please... He was merely being warned about the reality of jail.

I suggest you peruse Magistrate David Heilpern's book "Fear or Favour" which recounts stories of young men who have experienced sexual violence in in jail. The stories are horrific - experiences that you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy. The boys/men who were interviewed, essentially convey that rape is an inevitability for a young man in jail.

Surely being warned of what awaits him is preferable to him finding out first hand.

Lee Harris said...

"merely being warned" -- That is my point exactly. It has become too casual of an idea that rape is acceptable. It is not....never...under no circumstances. Just as torture is not ever acceptable or justifiable.

The US Constitution bars cruel and unusual punishment. Is it really okay to send young men to prison for minor crimes with the expectation and acceptance that they will be raped in addition to their incarceration.

I don't think it is civilized or humane.

Anonymous said...

If that is your complaint, surely your criticism is misdirected. A Magistrate's function is to apply the law that parliament creates. Your gripe should be directed at the legislature who prescribe the penalty (1st offence: 18months; 2nd+ offence: 2years) and those entrusted with the duty of care of prison inmates.

Please keep in mind that Cody Heaps had 3 prior drive whilst disqualified - making this his 4th! In addition to this he was drunk at the wheel! The Magistrate would have been totally justified, at law, in sending him to jail. The community are sick & tired of reading about deaths associated with young driver's and alcohol!! Why don't you speak to a few families who've lost a son, daughter, wife, husband, mother et cetera as a result of some idiot like Cody Heaps who has no regard for other road users. Surely that is cruel and unusual punishment for those families and friends.

However, this knuckle-dragger nominee allowed Mr Heaps to remain at liberty and warned him of the consequences of his reoffending. Mr Heaps' fate is now in his own hands, and he is wholly informed.

Shouldn't you be applauding this Magistrate for demonstrating such clemency and sparing him from the very thing that you abhor?