Monday, February 2, 2009

Are You Paying Attention, Candice?

Are You Paying Attention, Candice?

Yes, you, United States Representative Candice Miller (MI-10), do you know that in your 10th Congressional District the "Area's Need Deepens"?

You voted against the Economic Stimulus package while St. Clair County reports a jobless rate of 13 1/2 % in December --- and folks continue to go hungry and without adequate medical care. The Times Herald reports:

The growing numbers are reflecting on local organizations that are trying to keep Blue Water Area residents fed and housed.

Rieves said they served 2,000 more meals last year than in 2006-2007.

Many of the new faces utilizing the soup kitchen's services never have had to ask for help before, she said.

"It's very difficult... These are people who have been productive their whole lives," Rieves said. "It breaks your heart... These new people who are coming have no idea where to go, they've never had to ask for help.
They're just overwhelmed and frustrated."

Melinda Johnson, executive director of the Community Action Agency, said more and more
people also are looking for assistance for everything from paying their
mortgages or rent to utility bills.

While numbers are increasing, she said the amount of money that is necessary to assist the families is also rising.

Many of the new faces are also brand new to the system, which can add
difficulties since they aren't familiar with what's available, she said.

"Unfortunately, what we're seeing is people are trying their very best to pay their
bills, they go through their retirement monies, they're going through
their savings, and by the time they get to us, there's not much we can
do for them... People are trying so hard, and they've never had to ask
for help. It is so hard to ask for help," Johnson said.

Since starting with the agency in 1992, she said they've never dealt with such a high demand.

"It's sad. People are crying. They don't know what to do. They have that
deer-in-the-headlights look," Johnson said. "It's so sad. We just feel
helpless. We do what we can, but it's like putting a Band-Aid on a
massive gash."

So, tell me, Candy, who do you serve? The Grand Old Party of religious bigots and tax cuts for the rich or THE PEOPLE of the 10th Congressional District?

Do I really have to ask?


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