Thursday, February 26, 2009

Carol Roberts: Hero

Heroes are rare and special.  Heroes see a need and work to meet the challenges that it places before them.  Carol Roberts and other kind folks are working to feed the hungry in western St. Clair County.  Good job, Carol!

Her story
from the Port Huron Times Herald:

The Capac resident said the bulk of the county's population is in Port Huron and surrounding areas, and that's where most of the resources are, too.

She said the west side of the county "is very neglected," though "these people out here are losing their jobs left and right."

Many of the major human services departments, including both state and county programs, are based in Port Huron. Roberts, who is also the community employment program supervisor for the Arc of St. Clair County, said many don't have the resources or gas money to get into the more populated areas of the county to get help.

In response, Roberts has joined a grass-roots effort at Capac Community Church -- dubbed the Connection -- to help provide food and clothing to the area.

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