Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thank You Nebraska Senator Nelson

Let me get this straight.  You had to have an increase in the number of people receiving food stamps cut from the Stimulus Bill?  WTF?  The food stamp program helps feed the poor.  Economists all agree that for every dollar spent on food stamps the economy receives a greater stimulus than tax cuts for the wealthy.

So, what the do you mean?  We can't feed more of this nation's poor is a bipartisan compromise reached so that the United States of America can give more tax breaks to the wealthy?

The Republican Party has reached a true low.  We must not feed the poor during the worst recession ever seen because the Republicans can't/won't/aren't fracking willing to do the Lord's Work.  They don't want to feed any more poor people.

Where are the Christianists?  Do we hear any outrage?


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