Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mental Health Update

I'm mental. I am relatively healthy. That's all.

Actually, having enjoyed the falling Jacaranda blossoms for the last month, I have finally succumbed to an allergy to something else that is currently blooming. Oh, joy. I am miserable. It will pass soon enough.

As far as my mental health. Gotta minute? I hate hearing about the American economy. I hate the blowhards on the TV that want President Obama to fail and thus the country to suffer. Yep. Those bastards are putting "country first". The Party of No have no ideas, no solutions --- just obstructionist tactics.

I hate the jerks that want teachers to give up their health care and pensions. The U.S. does not value education enough or we wouldn't look to cutting teachers and programs to make state budgets balance. I hate the Republican Party in the State of Michigan because they also want those of us that are retired to pay more for our health care benefits and end the "defined benefit program" in favor of a retirement system that would be at the mercy of Wall Street and the jerks that wrecked our economy.

My most troublesome bipolar disorder trigger is money. So, since the stock marker tanked last fall, I have been depressed. It is becoming increasingly difficult to watch my favorite MSNBC shows and read my "newsie" blogs. I barely ever have the yen to blog.

And, I've put on some weight. My 2 1/2 kilo gain really pisses me off. So, tomorrow -- I have to get back to walking everyday and eating even more fruit and chicken.

So, other than that, the play did suck, if you want the truth.

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MarmiteToasty said...

Make sure that chicken aint a relative of Janets :)