Friday, March 13, 2009

Move to Mexico



I know that I have been hesitant in the past to recommend that anyone move to Ajijic or anywhere else in the Lake Chapala region. Only, however, because I am selfish and wanted to keep this place a "secret" so that not too many gringos move south. Except, now, in the wake of all the turmoil in the States, I would like to see more folks that are struggling to make ends meet retire and/or move to Mexico to take advantage of the low cost of living and the adventure that there is in living among the Mexican people. I love it here. I know that others folks will, too.

This area of the world should not be "reserved" for the rich and famous. Ordinary folks with limited incomes will find it quite easy to "live well" here. Please disregard most of the crap that the media in the States publishes about the drug wars and problems in the northern states of Mexico. This country is not teetering on the brink of collapse. Lou Dobbs is full of shit.

I advocate a sort of reverse immigration flow from the United States to Mexico. Now that the American economy is tits up, it would benefit Social Security and SS Disability recipients to immigrate to Mexico and spend their monies here to provide jobs and income for the Mexicans. We retirees won't take away any jobs that "Mexicans won't do". We need maids, gardeners, and handy-men. The bars, restaurants, and grocery stores benefit, as well, from our presence. And, oh yes, the artsy fartsy folks among us will love the community of artisans that live in the area.

Move to Mexico. Retire in Mexico. Stay 6 months and go back for a visit and return for another 6 months at a time..... or, if you have a steady income source, move here on a more permanent basis and get "official" with an FM-3. I've been here for almost two years and haven't returned to the States. I am on my first renewal of the FM-3 document status that allows me to stay for an indefinite amount of time.

Credit card debt? Upside down mortage or a house that just won't sell? There is hope and a way to get through all the bullshit that may be holding you back from enjoying your life. There really is a solution.

Are you ready for an adventure?

The photo above is a close-up shot of a jacaranda tree's blooms. I am still getting up every morning to sweep the drifts of flowers that litter the front patio, sidewalk, and street. Just a few more weeks of all this beauty. Then, something else will be in bloom. Gawds, I love it.

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MarmiteToasty said...

Packing me bags as I read your post...... Im coming lol except, I do not think mexico is ready for the likes of me and me chickens yet lol