Saturday, March 28, 2009

Move to Mexico


The reports in the newspapers, online, and on the television about the eminent demise of Mexico are greatly exaggerated.  Yes, the border towns in northern Mexico are in the midst of a battle between law enforcement and the drug smugglers.  The failed "War on Drugs" has claimed too many innocent lives.  Guns and money come from the United States and drugs are sent north.  It seems to me that to fight this so-called war more effectively the governments of Mexico and the United States have to change something.  Doing what they've been doing has not produced any lasting results.

Get rid of the guns.  Assault weapons, once illegal, are now back on the streets and heading to anyone in the world that has the money to buy them legally or illegally.  Thank you, George Bush and the Republican controlled Congress, for allowing the ban on assault weapons to expire.  Yep, those gutless wonders always insist on expiration dates for controversial laws, including the tax breaks for the very wealthy in the United States.  Get rid of the guns.  I don't care how.  Ban them, again.  And, if need be, take over the munitions makers and only sell our guns and ammo to friendly governments and our own folks in law enforcement and the military.

Decriminalize, hell, just legalize marijuana.    How better to neuter the drug dogs than to take away the "crime"?  Don't tell me that the drug cartels have powerful lobbyists in Washington?  In one fell swoop, marijuana could become a money making industry for small family farms and a tax dollar source for local and/or federal governments.  Smoking pot is a victimless "crime".  And, by the way, when marijuana was made illegal it was partly because the United States Government was trying to send illegal immigrant Mexicans back to Mexico and charging "those people" with crimes made it so much easier.  Oh, the evils of mota and those that use it.  How'd that immigration issue work out back then?

I find it interesting that early in the Bush Presidency, the government of Mexico was considering making drug use legal.  Yep.  That could not stand, so the talks and plans ended.  Idiots.  Both governments.

My little part of Mexico is a Paradise.  English is spoken by a large number of workers here.  And, the not so lazy Yanks, Brits, and Canucks do take classes or use Rosetta Stone to learn Spanish.  Language is not a barrier.  Most doctors, lawyers, and other professional folks here are bilingual.  Many of the Europeans that live here speak at least three languages.

Ajijic is blessed with the best climate in the hemisphere.  Yes, a lot of places claim that distinction but, after nearly two years of living here I must testify that it is true about the Lake Chapala region.  We always have cool nights.  We nearly always have a cool breeze blowing over the lake towards our town.  We rarely have a cloudy overcast day or a day when it rains during the "working hours".  January here is pure Heaven compared to January in Michigan.  And, if you like a good storm with lightning and thunder boomers you'll love it here during the rainy season.

The cost of living is a bit steeper here than in Mexican towns without foreigners.  However, the costs of essentials are low enough for those of us living on small pensions, Social Security, Social Security Disability, or any other disability plan.  Rents vary by location.  Gas for cooking and heating hot water is cheap.  Food is cheap.  And, the cost of medical care is astonishingly inexpensive.  Most of the prescriptions that us old timers need are sold over the counter and at great prices.  Trying buying 28 - 20mg. tablets of Prozac (not mine) for about $8.00 US.  Most patient co-pays are more than that!

Yesterday, we stopped in at our doctor's office/pharmacy to buy Criam (a really really cheap alternative for Lamictal).  I mentioned that my allergy congestion had started to work its way to my bronchials.  Polo sold me the needed prescription meds for about $8.00.  And, no charge for the consult or "office call".

Move to Mexico.  Get away from that mortgage, those credit cards, and the rat race that has become the American lifestyle.  Bring your legally creditor-free pension down here and LIVE, again.

Live.  Be happy.  And, praise the Lord for each day that you live in THIS paradise.

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