Monday, April 13, 2009

Adult Content

I haven't had any complaints about the content of my blog. I just thought it would be prudent to post a warning in the event that anyone found my rants offensive. Actually, I really don't give a shit. I just want the freedom to say "I don't give a shit" and to express any other adult words and experiences.

Today has been a strange day. I screamed at Bill last night over something or the other. It seems to not matter today. I definitely know that I am hypomanic right now. My racing thoughts are getting organized and written. I can't seem to settle down and relax. It is probably time for some relaxation in the mirador on the roof. It's gotta be 4:20 somewhere......

We had a friend from Guadalajara spend 4 nights with us through Holy Week (La Semana Santa). He convinced me to set aside my fears and travel to the big city. The funny thing was that we probably choose too busy of a day. Even he was bothered by the mass of humanity moving through the streets. We got a 50 cent tour and I actually look forward to returning to GDL on a Sunday afternoon for a closer look at the Cathedral, the Opera House, and all the great plazas.

We ate lunch in an old nunnery. It wasn't hard to imagine the barefoot nuns stolling through the inner courtyard where the main dining area now exists. Though I was slightly insulted by the fact that our buddy was given a menu in Spanish and we were given the English menus, I enjoyed the authentic Mexican meal. No gringo food for us. I had chicken in a mole sauce (moe - lay). Fantastic.

Oh, I did take a look at the "regular" menu and I would not have had any problems using it --- gotta brag sometime.....

The picture above was taken from my seat at the table looking toward one of the corners of the dinning room. I really liked the colorful table settings and artsy fartsy chairs. I hope to return to enjoy more great food someday.

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Lulda Casadaga said...

Hi, came by way of Twaddle...I went to Mexico a few times in my life and when staying in Mexico City, there I had some of the best meals of my life. One most memorable was a chicken with mole sauce. I had never heard of it before...but, what a treat. I stayed with a friends family so I was treated to many interesting and delicious meals. And to think I didn't get sick until the last few days I was there! :D

Your picture reminds me of a place we stopped at in the mountains on our way to see some caves. Open air dining. :) Thanks for the memories.