Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The Daily Kos posted some remarks about the declining Party of No a.k.a the GOP a.k.a. the Republican Party. The post featured this Goposaur:

I like it. It certainly is an appropriate image for the hardcore folks facing the past and refusing with every angry "No!" the desire of most other folks to Move On into the future. I find it very sad that the leaders and legislators in the Republican Party find it necessary to lie or invoke fear or simply say batshit things to pander to the far right GOPers.

Republican Senator Olimpia Snowe from Maine had this to say about today's Republican Party. A solid "amen" for her concluding paragraphs:

There is no plausible scenario under which Republicans can grow into a majority while shrinking our ideological confines and continuing to retract into a regional party. Ideological purity is not the ticket back to the promised land of governing majorities — indeed, it was when we began to emphasize social issues to the detriment of some of our basic tenets as a party that we encountered an electoral backlash.

It is for this reason that we should heed the words of President Ronald Reagan, who urged, “We should emphasize the things that unite us and make these the only ‘litmus test’ of what constitutes a Republican: our belief in restraining government spending, pro-growth policies, tax reduction, sound national defense, and maximum individual liberty.” He continued, “As to the other issues that draw on the deep springs of morality and emotion, let us decide that we can disagree among ourselves as Republicans and tolerate the disagreement.”

I couldn’t agree more. We can’t continue to fold our philosophical tent into an umbrella under which only a select few are worthy to stand. Rather, we should view an expansion of diversity within the party as a triumph that will broaden our appeal. That is the political road map we must follow to victory.

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