Sunday, April 12, 2009

Even Newspapers Lie

I guess that I must have had a really poor education.  I was taught that newspapers were the protectors of freedom and democracy.  They always reported the who, what, when, and where of events that concern the nation, the state, and its readers without any editorial judgements or opinions.  Yes, in the 11th grade, we were taught about yellow journalism.  And, of course, the tabloids found at the grocery store checkout were not to be trusted.  Just how many times did Paul McCartney die?

It is beyond irresponsible for anyone's hometown newspaper to withhold all of the truth about anything.  It is selective lying when expressing an opinion in an editorial and failing to tell the whole truth.  I hate liars.

The Holland Sentinel's editorial staff are liars.  They seem to have deliberately misled their readers to score points with the doomed and dying Republican Party in western Michigan and/or the corporate bosses that they bow down to daily.

What is really aggravating is the continuing publication of lies and rumors and propaganda by my own Port Huron Times Herald................................


(H/T Michigan Liberal's news feed)

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