Saturday, April 11, 2009

I Was Against It Before I Was For It

Holy Shit!

Iowa. My beloved Iowa has become the first midwestern state to recognize the marriage rights of gay folk. A unanimous Supreme Court of Iowa declaration about what their state constitution really says about human rights is now driving the Christianists nuts. So be it.

Hmmm, maybe a trip to Des Moines and then on to Leon in Decatur County just might be what we need........ Such a trip would take me back to where I spent a few years of my life completing a degree in Education. Graceland University is located in Lamoni, Decatur County, Iowa. I'd like to see how the school has changed, visit with friends living in Lamoni, and finally get some recognition for the 20 years we have devoted to one another. Just maybe......

The following YouTube video is a response to an awful lie filled commercial filmed with ACTORS spouting off scarey crap about the doom of mankind now that gay marriage is busting out all over........ Jesus, save me from your followers.


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