Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dick Cheney STFU!

This is a repost of an entire blog posting by Nazgul35 at East Michigan Blue:

Dick Cheney STFU!

Wed May 13, 2009 at 09:32:11 AM EDT

The man with an approval rating lower than the Ebola virus has been making the rounds on media shows stupid enough to get this chicken hawk time to keep his ass out of jail...

Newsflash doesn't matter if it works (it doesn't) is a war crime!

We shot people for doing this to our soldiers after WWII!

Hey, now there's a good idea...if you would get upset if someone did it to our soldiers, then perhaps we shouldn't be doing it to anyone either?


Here's the thing, full all you pro-torture nutcases out there.

One: do you have the balls to go through the procedure yourself? Not the BS Disneyland version where you have paramedics and a martini waiting for you just in case...I mean that you come into the room and I'll let you out when I feel like it...

Yeah, I didn't think so candyass...

Second: You're cowards. You are so afraid of your own shadows that you are willing to do anything to protect yourselves...including bringing this great country down to your craven level of existence.

You think these things work because you know deep down in your hearts you'd start spilling if they showed you the I guess we know how important you really are to this country's defense...

Not very.

Sorry, I'm not afraid, so I'll keep my morals and my rights thank you.


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