Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Price of Stamps

On Monday, the United States Postal Service will begin to charge 44¢ for first class mail delivery.  That's news to me.  I still have two 37¢ stamps somewhere with some of the "paperwork" that we brought down to México.  And, it seems to me that we missed the other increase(s) in postage rates since changing latitudes.

Yeah. Yeah. Boring.  The point is -- we have been really "out of touch".

Today marks the anniversary of our arrival in México.  Two years ago, we crossed the border from Brownsville, Texas to Matamoros, México and began a very long drive to Ajijic.  We completed our journey and landed in this little town on the morning of May 10th -- the Mexican Mother's Day.  We retrieved the keys to our waiting apartment and snaked through the streets of Ajijic avoiding the various Mariachi bands that were blocking streets and serenading lucky mothers in the early morning hours.  It didn't take us long to unload our rented van and settle into our new apartment.  We were delighted with the various "house warming" gifts that we found.

We've been delighted with every new day and experience since leaving the United States.  Memo remarked at lunch today, "I feel two years younger, not 2 years older."  Yes, the change in latitude has been very good for our physical and mental health.  We are eating quite healthy and have dramatically reduced our dependency on what we now view as unnecessary things.  We do not have a car, a microwave oven, a clothes dryer, a stereo system, or any other nonessential appliance or gadget.  Being free of a car with its repairs, licensing, and insurance needs is indeed liberating.

We haven't been very good about staying in touch with our families.  But, neither have they....  I think that we have received a grand total of 4 pieces of mail and two Fedex'd envelopes since moving south.  Two of the letters mailed from the states came from a new friend living in Ohio that we met here in Ajijic.  Unfortunately, we haven't mailed anything home either.  In fact, we didn't even know where the local post office was until about a month ago.  We're so bad.

We have no regrets about moving.  We have no regrets about escaping the America rat race.  We have no regrets about missing the nonsense of condo associations (lying law breakers), Port Huron's city politics (crazy bastards), or watching our beloved Michigan swirling at the bottom of the toilet bowl (poor poor folks).  No regrets.  None. Nada. Ninguna.

This adventure continues.  And, the price of stamps will continue to increase......

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MarmiteToasty said...

Well if it helps the cost of a first class british stamp (and think how little our country is) is now 59c.... but then our postmen do shove the letters through the letterboxs in our front doors and not in a box on a pole near the front gate LOL