Friday, July 3, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears

Oh my!

While sitting on a bench in the main plaza or town square, I was treated to a viewing of numerous exotic animals as a small parade of trucks with cages and cars with blaring speakers drove by announcing the último dias (last days) of the circus.  Today's parade reminded me of the days gone by when allegedly the circus would come to small town America with a grand parade before the setup and opening of the circus.  I've only seen that in the movies and 60's TV shows.  Did it really happen back when?  Were the circus movies total fiction?  Hmmm, who cares?

It happens here.  In fact, as the last days of the circus arrive, I will probably see a truck or two come by our front door with some of the same animals seen in today's event.  Imagine the thrill for the kids in my neighborhood.  These kids may never see a world class zoo like the ones in Detroit, Toronto, or Washington, D.C., yet right here in rural Mexico the zoo animals come to you courtesy of the circus.  Yep, the trucks will come by, as they did last year, and remind all of us that for a few pesos the entire family may enjoy good old fashioned "family" entertainment.  And, as a further bonus, as the very last day approaches, the good folks at the circus will discount their tickets to half the usual price.  How great is that!?

Yep.  Life in Paradise certainly has its perks.  Life here is good.  The rainy season is here.  The mountains have turned to my beloved emerald green.  This is the best time of year to visit this part of Mexico.  So, where is everybody?  Just missing out.........

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