Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thank you, Senator Debbie Stabenow

I've been critical in the past of Michigan's United States Senator Debbie Stabenow.  Today, I am proud that she is standing up for the people of Michigan and telling it like it is about the health care public option.  The reality is that powerful Republicans and some Democrats are so beholding to the insurance industry and big pharma that these politicians will do everything to maintain the status quo.  They do not care what the people want and need.  The people that these pols are supposed to serve can just go pound sand for all they care.
  They have no compassion.  No heart.

Just greed.

From today's Crooks and Liars posting "Quote of the Day: Debbie Stabenow on the 'public option'":

STABENOW: Well, my first choice and very strong choice is a public option. And I have to say, Wolf, that what my friends are saying, Senator Gregg and Senator Alexander really are scare tactics that have been put forward by folks that don't want to change the system because they make a lot of money off the current system right now.

The reality for families today is if there's an insurance company bureaucrat between you and your doctor telling your doctor what they're allowed to do because of what they'll pay for, telling you what they'll pay for, putting you through all kinds of bureaucracy to try to figure out if you can get care, assuming you're not dropped if you get sick or can't get insurance if you have a pre-existing condition. So what we're talking about is putting somebody on your side, being able to make sure that the insurance company, the for profit insurance company won't provide you with a low cost insurance policy for your family that you have another choice.

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