Wednesday, August 26, 2009

60's In Paradise

If you ever tire of Mexican food or of any of the other variety of world food choices such as Thai, Chinese, Italian, and German, there is the opportunity for good old fashioned American fare. The "60's in Paradise" offers American breakfasts all day and American hamburgers, hotdogs, and Philly Steak sandwiches. From authentic soda fountain drinks and milkshakes to tasty cheeseburgers with onion rings, this restaurant is a little taste of home for affordable prices. The 60's theme is charming and the hosts, who often visit with you at your table, are eager to transport you back to the 60's hamburger joint for a nostalgic taste of paradise.

The fact that Ajijic and Chapala have more food offerings than the standard Mexican cuisine is also what attracts the Americans, Canadians, and Europeans to live or visit the Lake Chapala region. We really do have more to enjoy than just tacos or bacon-wrapped hotdogs served on the Plaza.

I took the photographs above yesterday when Memo and I had a late breakfast/early lunch. Our Cokes, cheeseburgers with all the fixings, and humongous homemade onion rings came to 90 pesos each (about $6.87 USD). That seems to be a steep price but the quality of the meal, the venue, and the little trivia game we played with the owner as our meals were prepared made the entire experience worth it.

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