Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Drive

I am from Michigan where the "car culture" was born. Everyone must own a car or truck and everyone must live a reasonable driving distance from where they work. We grew up dependent upon cars and trucks. We grew up expecting to be able buy a car by the age of 16. Somehow, once a license to drive was earned we forgot how enjoyable it is to walk or ride a bicycle. Only now, with this economy and future environmental actions needed will that culture ever change in Michigan.

The "Sunday drive" was also part of our car culture. Families would pack up the kids with snacks and venture into the "country". Once the Sunday shopping blue laws were eliminated, the Harris Family's drives were to shopping centers close to Detroit. I still remember the thrill of those drives to the city or to the rural areas north and west of Port Huron.

We traveled to Chapala today to look at replacements for a broken iPod docking station. We drove along the Libramento (highway bypass) to Chapala and meant to return the same way but failed to take the proper turn off. We ended up on the other side of the mountains heading toward Guadalajara. The photographs above were taken as we drove back home to Ajijic. These are photographs of the other side of our mountains.

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