Monday, August 3, 2009

Will Work for

I've been speculating that I could chart my major mood changes by studying the number of posts that I make in a given period of time. For example, the month of July saw an increase in blog posts over the previous month where I know I was depressed. Jadzia's health plus all the usual suspects had me greatly impaired and then, as if a switch was turned on, my little head went all hypomanic. July seemed to have a few days of rapid cycling to depression and back, but the tracks of this bipolar coaster ride sped mostly elevated until....


I'm not serious enough about making any charts at the moment. That obsession hasn't grabbed me. Yet. I do have to note that this past week or so may have seen a steady number of postings but the postings lacked in "quality". I haven't been writing much. Let's see... The news about health care and all the racist birther, deather, and creepy batshit conspiracies has me a bit twisted inside and it is hard to put all of that into words. And, I did have another flu, or it could have been the stupid "amibas + lombrices". On occasion everybody down here may have a problem with intestinal parasites. I was laid low for a few days and ventured out of bed briefly. The cure for the flu was to ride it out. The amoebas and other nasty critters require a dose pack of two medium sized tablets containing a quinine drug and some other medication to be taken once. That's it. A second dose after 30 days is seldom required according to the Vermox Plus product information. So, we each took a prophylactic dose of the cure and are considering a monthly or bi-monthly regime of preventive care.

Today was an unusual day. I got up late, as usual (my sleep schedule is screwed up due to the two days I was sleeping off the flu/bug infestation....), and we went out to meet some friends for a "working" lunch. Memo and I were asked to help a friend learn how to work her new digital camera. She knew that we had helped another tech-challenged friend with her new camera right before an Alaskan cruise. So, for the price of lunch, we spent some quality time teaching J about the features of her camera and how to use it. Lunch was great, but the surprise gift that J and X gave us is literally out of this world. OMG OMG

Yep. Hold the BLT sandwich and the papas fritas, I'll work for mo


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