Friday, October 23, 2009

More Photos of the Day

I had a very peaceful morning sitting along the shore of Lake Chapala. Ajijic has a new and incomplete boardwalk. The beautiful shady park of over a year ago is now gone and in its place is something new and different. More needs to be done to make the malecon inviting and more pleasant. The Great Recession has hit us hard. Projects such as our malecon and even the 2010 PanAmerican Games athletes' village in Guadalajara are hard pressed to raise the capital needed for completion.

All things considered, I am glad that I am here in central Mexico while everything seems to be going tits up everywhere else.......

The photographs above were taken this morning while I sat along the shore of Lake Chapala. God knows where the donkey belongs...... and the view of our little amphitheater with the clouds hanging low over the mountains was just too kewl not to take snaps of.......

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