Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Struggle for Life

On Sunday, we traveled to Wal*Mart for a quick couple of purchases. Our best buddy, Christian, drove us there after a great lunch in the nearby town of Jocotepec. Unfortunately, we parked next to a small pickup truck that had a beautiful little Chihuahua locked inside. He was excited to see us and yipped and panted as we walked into the store.

When we returned to the car the dog was lying on the seat. He was panting more heavily. I felt terrible then, and I still feel badly that I did nothing to help the dog. I kept praying that the dog's owner would soon come out of the store and realize how utterly stupid he or she had been in leaving a dog in a locked vehicle on a hot sunny day.

I cried several times that day. I should have done something. Anything.

I'll probably never know what happened to that pooch. Sadly, it may have a short life if it's owner continues to be as thoughtless and cruel as he or she was on Sunday.

The following YouTube video is making the rounds through the blogs that I read. The birth of elephants has rarely been filmed and this footage is worth your time to view it.


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