Friday, November 6, 2009


Blogger has an interesting feature that allows you to prepare posts in advance of the time and date that you wish to publish. I rarely used the post scheduling tool as I prefer to write and publish immediately. It may be a bipolar coaster hypomania thing. Or not. Nevertheless, I have not been writing much. This blog has been on autopilot.

It seems that since I told the SKY satellite service folks to come get their equipment our lives have not had a regular and reliable routine. I have to admit that I am a bit out of sorts. The folks at SKY have not been 100% truthful with us and were even careless enough to leave our service active one more month after the date the service should have ended. The SKY service representative has demanded an outrageous service termination fee. I freaking hate confrontation. This crap will have to be settled by my lawyer.

In the meantime, we are enjoying a broadcast, cable, and satellite free life. For now.

Last week, my 1 3/4 year old Toshiba laptop died. Not the whole thing, just the video card..... It may be months before we can afford to have it fixed. Meanwhile, I am back using Memo's desktop computer and the old old old Dell laptop that the State of Michigan bought for me several years ago before I retired. I am using my Saitek keyboard with its back-lighted keys because of the convenience and because the Dell has 5 missing keys. Arrrggghhh!

I've also been hesitant to comment on current events. I am so frustrated with the slow and grueling pace that the health care reform legislation has taken. I just cannot watch much more of it on TV or through the podcasts of Countdown and the Rachel Maddow Show that the Apple iStore offers free. And, as enjoyable as it is to see the disintegration of the Republican Party, it is equally sickening to observe the classless lunacy of the Tea Baggers as they push moderate folks out of the Party of Lincoln. The Republican Party's so-called "big tent" has become a pup-tent, at best, or a bed sheet strung over a kitchen worst. Don't get me started about the Balloon Boy or the former Miss California.

For now, I make no promises about a robust return to writing. I am enjoying the non-routine life of an eccentric expat living in central Mexico. I have no idea what I'm doing next or next week. This month's bills are paid, my Permanent Residency (FM-3) renewal application is in-process, and my blood pressure was good when Dr. Polo checked it today. It's all good.

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