Thursday, November 12, 2009

Checking In

Sometimes I really feel detached from life. The lack of a certain reliable routine can be disconcerting for someone that tends to be a homebody and is, believe it or not, not too keen about change. Yes, in my teaching career I had little choice when I was bounced from one assignment to another due to low seniority and the frequent financial crises in the State of Michigan and the Port Huron Area School District (PHASD). In those first years, I taught where they sent me and taught the grade levels and subjects I was certified or licensed to teach. Nothing seems to change for Michigan and the PHASD. Right now, the obstructionist Republicans in Michigan have managed to disastrously delay adopting an appropriate State Budget and provide the revenues to pay for it. Every school district in Michigan is being held hostage by grandstanding politicians that just want Governor Granholm (D-MI) and the Democratic Party to fail. Public schools in Michigan may see horrendous cuts in State Funding if nothing changes for the better. It seems the GOP doesn't care about good government or providing services to the people. The Republicans only want power. I am so grateful that I am here in Ajijic, Mexico and away from the Depression that is Michigan..........

I may have finally settled in to using Memo's computer. I have my Firefox browser tweaked and am catching up with the various websites and blogs that I follow. And, I must admit that I really did not suffer any irreparable harm while not reading the Port Huron Times Herald and other news sites.

We both are spending more time with the computer since we have not yet replaced our TV service. I continue to be content with watching my favorite muckrakers on podcasts through the iTunes program. Its like having Tivo, but not as timely. Our dear friend in Guadalajara introduced us to a website based in Spain that provides us access to several television programs that we like to watch. We have even discovered some new ones and we are able to watch them commercial free usually within a few days of their having been broadcast in the United States. The sister site to Series Yonkis also shares movies. Most older programs are strictly in Spanish, however the newer movies and TV series may be viewed in English with Spanish subtitles.

So, as for a routine, its not presently in the cards, as they say. Currently, all is well on my bipolar coaster ride. The lows are not too low and the highs...... well, I don't mind them. Today's activities attest to the uncertainty of where I'll be on any given day. Right now, I'm riding out a little hypomania. And, as always, I thank the god of roller coasters that My Ride doesn't go all the way to the top.

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