Thursday, November 12, 2009

May I Have Another?

I remember when tea parties were fun.  No, I didn't have a tea set and play pretend with empty cups and dessert plates.  Grandma Rich was the hostess and the parties were set around her kitchen table.  I couldn't tell one brand of tea from another or what flavor of tea she favored, but I can tell you that Grandma's molasses cookies were absolutely delicious.  No one dressed up for these parties like in a Norman Rockwell painting.  It was "come as you are", as the parties were spontaneous.

We often played cards.  "Kings in the Corner" and two-person Solitary were the favorite games we played.  No one cared who won any of the games.  We enjoyed the moments talking and laughing together.  We enjoyed the freshly brewed tea.  We enjoyed the freshly baked cookies.

Grandma would be amazed and amused about the current concept of a tea party.  I'm certain that she would say something both witty and dismissive of today's crowd and their boorish antics, even if she agreed with them.  And, I am fairly certain that no one serves homemade molasses cookies with the same amount of loving concern and kindness as Grandma at these so-called grassroots spontaneous events.......

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