Thursday, November 12, 2009

Miller Called Out for Hate Rally Participation

It is about time!!

The Times Herald in Port Huron, Michigan has finally taken notice of the antics of Michigan 10th Congressional District's Representative Candice Miller (R-MI). I have been doing a slow burn since seeing Representative Miller in the crazed crowd of Republican politicians attending the hate-filled "whites of their eyes" protest rally organized by Michelle Bachmann (R-MN). Candy Miller's attendance at that rally says reams about her values and her lack of concern for the under-insured, uninsured, and the poor in my hometown and the rest of the 10th Congressional District.

From the Editors of the Times Herald today:

In our new information age, we have ever-growing access to what our
politicians are doing in Washington. Indeed, a week's worth of cable
news -- supplemented by a dose of YouTube clips -- can be enough to
make your eyes glaze over.

Nevertheless, Nov. 5's offering included a clip of U.S. Rep. Candice
Miller that gives us pause. What was she doing, we wonder, in the front
row of a hate rally -- smiling, nodding, clapping and dancing to the
beat of hostility and divisiveness?

We wonder what prompted Miller to move front-and-center at a Capitol rally arranged by Rep. Michele Bachmann, a hate-spewing, right-wing
legislator from Minnesota.

The rally appeared to underscore the present position of the national
Republican Party. Bachmann urged the crowd to "scare Congress" into
voting down health reform, suggesting a "revolution" might be in order.

Rally participants carried a variety of disturbing signs. One placard had a health care message superimposed over dead bodies from Holocaust concentration camps. One referred to President Barack Obama as "Sambo." One depicted the president as the evil "Joker" from Batman movies. One referred to "Obama and his Marxist buddies."

At one point, the crowd chanted "Nazi, Nazi."

Apparently, our congresswoman is OK with all of this.

We wouldn't accuse everyone at the rally of being racist, anti-Semitic
hate-mongers. But top GOP types, including House Leader John Boehner, joined in. Boehner called the health care bill the greatest threat to freedom he has ever seen. Really?

We recognize health care reform is an emotional issue. We support the
Republicans' right to oppose the Democrats' bill, although we wish they
could offer some suggestions of their own rather than just tearing down
the Democrats' proposal.

Oh, well, that's politics.

We're sure pieces of the bill will have to be refined. We agree the trillion-dollar price tag is scary.

We also believe, however, the woes of the national economy are inexorably tied to health care. We can't fix one without fixing the other.

It's been almost a decade since Michigan's 10th Congressional District was gerrymandered to give Miller her legislator-for-life status. For the most part, that's been OK.

At least, we've known what we'll get. Miller will toe the GOP line and
she'll bring home federal dollars to the district. Quite frankly,
Democrats haven't put up much in the way of opposition.

If Miller truly has signed up with the right-wing fringe -- the bigots,
the hate-mongers and the Nazi-chanters -- all of us in the Blue Water
Area might well need to take another look.

Perhaps Miller could start with an apology for her performance at last Thursday's GOP festival of hate.

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