Saturday, November 7, 2009

This Video Needs to Go Viral

This is a taste of the undemocratic actions of some Republican men to delay and shout down a procedural motion being made in a democratic meeting of the United States House of Representatives.  According to Hoyle, or more accurately Robert's Rules of Order, it is a violation of decorum to continue to bleat out your objections while the motion is being stated.  Sit down, shut up, and wait your turn.

But, no.  These sanctimonious Holier-Than-Thou drama queens must shill for their Christianist campaign fund contributers.  Tell me, would Jesus, the people's representative, use disorderly conduct as a means to protest the democratic process allowing a group of women to make a motion within the Chamber of the House of Representatives?  These guys are not Jesus and they were not confronting money lenders and other vendors in the Temple.  Really.  Do the folks back in their congressional districts know how badly they behave?

Unruly Republicans Disrupt Health Care Debate

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