Thursday, December 31, 2009

Just for fun

Never a Year Like '09 - JibJab

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Move Your Money

Here is an interesting idea promoted by Arianna Huffington.  It is worth some serious consideration.


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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


For the last decade, Republicans and their Christianist allies have been successful in turning out voters in various state and national elections.  One of the keys to their success has been the placement of anti-gay, anti-abortion, and anti-gay marriage ballot initiatives before those same voters that the Christianists have rallied to go vote to save the nation, the state, the Holy Sacrament of Marriage, and/or for some other great Christianist cause.  Election after election, we witnessed the dramatic effects of the Right's ability to drive "social-issue-voters" to the polls.

The issue that no doubt will remain as a wedge to voters is gay marriage.  The losses in Maine and California have devastated some civil rights activists.  Others are just more determined to see that gay folks are not discriminated against in employment, health care, housing --- actually all aspects of life.  Unfortunately, I've read that some activists have suggested that gay folks just settle.  Settle for something less than full marriage rights and benefits...... Settle for something less than a full repeal of the Congress's and military's Don't Ask Don't Tell policy...... Settle for empty promises which haven't even a glimmer of hope of creating CHANGE that we can believe in.......

Oddly enough, Karl Rove, the architect of the divide and conquer wedge-issues ballot initiatives scheme, is in the news today.  It seems that this self-proclaimed defender of traditional marriage has just scored his second, got that 2nd, divorce.  He and the now-X took advantage of the no-fault easy easy easy divorce law in Texas.  Yes, Texas -- the bastion of Christianist hypocrisy.

Will there be a shoe to drop?  Some chesty Argentinian or drug addled boytoy?

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Best of 2009

Our friends at Joe.My.God have listed this video as one of the Best LGBT videos for 2009.  I agree.  This video has an important message for all the haters......

Lilly Allen - Fuck You (video "THE BIG FAT GAY COLLAB!" by steviebeebishop)

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Another Republican Liar

Watch Senator DeMint (R-SC) LIE about his statements regarding "breaking" President Obama. The Republican Party's only legislative goal is to stop all legislation. Delay. Delay. Delay.


Big Surprise

Eric B. from Michigan Liberal tells us that U.S. Representative "Crazy" Pete Hoekstra (R-MI) didn't waste any time in trying to capitalize on the terrorist attack on an airplane landing in Detroit. Literally. Pete's fund-raising and fear-mongering appeal went out very quickly. Too quickly.


UPDATE: Pete wants you to send him money..........(from the letter)

For almost a decade I have been a leader on National Security and at the forefront of the war on terror. I understand the real and continuing threat radical jihadists pose to our great state of Michigan and our great Nation.

I have pledged that I will do "everything possible" to prevent these terrorists from coming to Michigan.

But I need your help.

If you agree that we need a Governor who will stand up the Obama/Pelosi efforts to weaken our security please make a most generous contribution of $25, $50, $100 or even $250 to my campaign.

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Music Video Monday


A Very Merry Christmas

Its kinda funny how I would eventually love a Christmas gift like this monitor.  Actually, this monitor.  A 22" LCD Wide Screen from BENQ.  My eyes aren't what they used to be and the laptop's screen has died sooooooooo, perfect solution.  As long as the laptop's video card lives, this arrangement is ideal.  I even get to use my plug-in keyboard that glows.

It's a bite in the rear that I would need the larger monitor sooner than later, but heh, I'm not complaining.  Thanks, Boys.

Santa lives!

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Buffoon Watch

From Steve Benen via Susie Madrak:

"Hoekstra's attempts to exploit an attack that failed is almost certainly motivated by an effort to impress right-wing primary voters in advance of his gubernatorial campaign, making his attacks against the president cheap and disgusting.

What an embarrassment."

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Has Fox News Anointed Hoekstra?


What is Representative Pete Hoekstra (R-MI) doing on Fox News?  Is anyone keeping track of the number of times that Fox Noise has used Hoekstra as a prop in their anti-Obama campaign?  Have the boys at Fox decided to push Hoekstra's candidacy for Michigan governor?

Heaven help Michigan if Hoekstra is the Republican Candidate for Governor in 2010.  He is a conservative nutjob.  Flee now.

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Friday, December 25, 2009

The Republican War On Christmas

I wouldn't have believed it had I not read this myself.  The Republican National Committee has joined those commie loving socialist Marxist Obamacare supporting lefties that have been destroying Christmas for all of us true believers.
(H/T to AMERICAblog News)

Not one mention of the reason for the season -- Christmas.

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Photos of the Day

What Christmas is complete without a Christmas Tree? The little mall near our house has this tree to help celebrate the season. Cactus.

Your Moment of Zen

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Just For Fun

This video was Andrew Sullivan's Mental Health Break video for today.  Put on a happy tune and watch the puppy do battle with an ice cube.

Waffle the goldendoodle puppy vs an ice cube.

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You Better Respect

LOL - Merry Christmas


Monday, December 21, 2009

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christianist Churches Refuse to Serve Christ

Christianist Churches Refuse to Serve Christ is an appropriate headline for an article with information about 3 Kalamazoo churches that have withdrawn their support of a ministry that serves the hungry, the poor, and the homeless.  Indeed, as conditions in Michigan become more dire by the day for the poor and hungry, the Agape Christian Church, Word for Life Church of God, and the Centerpoint Church have chosen to withdraw from an ecumenical ministry because one of the 8 other churches involved in serving Christ is a tad more accepting of homosexuals than those 3 congregations and their ministers.  From the Kalamazoo News:

Martha’s Table, through which eight churches have provided Sunday
afternoon worship and meals for the needy at First Congregational
Church, is losing three of the churches because of the issue of
homosexuality, even though the ecumenical ministry takes no position on
it, said the Rev. Matt Laney, pastor of First Congregational.

The ministry was founded in 2007 with the desire to serve Christ without matters of dogma or beliefs getting in the way of that service.  Apparently, the recent passage of an ordinance by the City of Kalamazoo that protects Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered (GLBT) folks from discrimination in housing, jobs, and public accommodations was a bit too much Christianity for the 3 groups now declining to participate in serving the needs of the poor and the hungry.

How very sad for the community of Kalamazoo.  What a Great Witness for the Lord.

(H/T to Joe.My.God via Box Turtle Bulletin)

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Your Moment of Zen

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Just Sing

There is so much going on in the world and right now who can concentrate on any of it?  Health Care Reform has met the Ultimate Death Panel and it is called the United States Senate.  The HCR has been put on life-support and Senator Joe Lieberman is anxious to pull the plug.  Good night, Irene.

The conservative movement, accepting of a gay Republican group, is continuing to splinter.  The GOP Proud folks are co-sponsoring the annual conservative event called CPAC.  The anti-gay groups that were to also co-sponsor the event are now protesting that co-sponsorship.  In other words, get the hell out of our collapsing big tent.  Fun fun fun.

Michigan is in the process of firing numerous teachers and educational support personnel as school boards across the state met on Monday to reduce budgets due to the asinine reductions made by the State of Michigan's legislature and governor.  Yep, the politicians in Michigan get to continue to point fingers and jockey for power as school children get short changed.  Politics as usual.

Its become a real chore to read the news from back in Michigan.

On a much lighter note --- ENJOY this video diversion.  (H/T to Towleroad)

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Too Big To Fail or Welcome the Death Panels

I keep hearing two phrases over and over again.  The most aggravating of the two are the stupid take-offs on the line from the latest Batman movie about getting the hero we deserve and not the one we need.  I saw that gem repackaged in at least two blog posts that I skimmed over yesterday.  Really.  The concept of judging someone's worth and then distributing a lesser thing to them based on that judgment drives this social liberal, conservative libertarian, and fair-minded Christian straight directly up the wall.

The other over-used and potentially trite phrase and concept is the banking and investment company "too big to fail" pronouncement.  Maybe, these non-human entities are too big to fail in terms of the economic disaster that would befall the stockholders, CEO's, and company employees.  I really don't know enough about economics to know if the stimulus has worked and will continue working.  I'm a bit more concerned about what I believe is "too big to fail" and worthy of life.

You.  And, me.

Why is it that we are revisiting a concept that I thought was settled when the health care reform debate began?  An individual should be considered too valuable, too worthy, too big to fail.  No person should have to face bankruptcy or fail financially paying medical bills to stay alive.  No one should have to bear a lifetime of debt because of an illness, an accident, or a condition suffered with from birth.

The very idea of having an insurance company and/or government approved annual or even a life-time cap on health care insurance coverage is un-Christian, un-charitable, and unworthy of a rich and generous nation.  What Senate or House committee is going to regulate the amount of money that ought to be allowed to be spent to keep someone healthy and alive?  At what amount per year or over a lifetime do we stop caring about the life and health, both physically and financially, of our neighbor?  Must we become indentured servants to the banks and mortgage companies just because we got sick or hurt?  Why bankrupt the poor and the middle class?  Do rich people or the friends of rich people deserve to live longer? 

What is wrong with those politician in Washington, D.C. and Lansing?  Our public servants are far too concerned with some number at the bottom of a column on a piece of paper and not with serving the public good?  For crying out loud, just fix this broken system and raise the funds needed to do it.  Serve the people.  Serve the students.  Private ventures and Christianist charities do not have the means, nor desire in some cases, to serve the needs of all people.  We the people = the Government must step in when no one else is able.  How about a TARP Fund or Stimulus Spending for LIFE?

That is, after we/they/you really figure out how much my sister's life, my uncle's life, my friend's life, my niece's life, and that stranger's life is worth.  Are any of them worthy?  Too big to fail?

And, if anyone is really serious about some life-time or annual caps on insurance pay-outs.  Let's talk.  First, I need to know how much is the amount of money spent of the Iraq War divided by the number of people living in Iraq before the war.  That number would be my bottom line........ Aren't I worth that?

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Shall We Review?

With malice toward none;

with charity for all;

 with firmness in the
right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the
work we are in;

 to bind up the nation's wounds; to care for him who
shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan

--to do
all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among
ourselves, and with all nations.

ya betcha.

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Until Death Do You Part

So much for the sanctity of marriage.  The Republican Party has selective memory problems when it comes to criticizing any fellow Republican or Christianist leader when they fall short of the high standards that they profess to hold for themselves and others.  Bill Clinton lies about getting a blowjob and the Guards Of Purity go apeshit.  A confirmed adulterer is nominated to be the Republican Party standard bearer and 2008 Presidential Candidate and no one, not one person it seems, bats an eye.  Republican Governor Mark Sanford lies to his staff and state and wife, has a sexual intercourse with a woman that is not his wife, and claims the so-called high ground when addressing the Christianist definition of Holy Matrimony.  Phreaking hypocrites all.

Mrs. Sanford is divorcing her Appalachian Trial Hiking husband.  Good Luck with that.

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Just for Fun!

LMFAO  --  I think I twisted my testicle tentacle.

H/T AMERICAblog Gay via Towleroad

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Your Moment of Zen

Thursday, December 10, 2009

At Peace With No Name

If you should deign to lay me in the ground
Place no obelisk no monument no stone
To rest upon that heap of dirt and bone

No stars no flag no commemorative plaque
Just dirt and grass and something tasteful in black

Place near or set upon that memorial mound
A seat a chair a bench or something round

Place it there for the weary to rest or lean
Make it plain and black or maybe green

Let the visitor to this site read no scripture
No name no date in time
Except perhaps this simple rhyme

j. lee harris
December 10, 2009


What He Said

Re:  Adam Lambert

Lifted entirely from our friends at Joe.My.God ----

"If the FCC is going to investigate anything it should be that Lambert
may be compromising the reputation of gay men everywhere. Gay men have
proudly worked hard for centuries to cultivate the appearance of having
good taste. Tom Ford, fashion designer and the living embodiment of
homo-sexy refinement, is even bringing his mission to movie theaters
this month with "A Single Man.’’ And then comes Lambert with his Mystic
Tan, makeup, and eyeliner to steamroll it all back dozens of years.

more offensive than the bump, grind, and kiss is that Lambert is now
taking it upon himself to explain why folks had a difficult time
digesting his American Music Awards performance. 'People aren’t used to
seeing gay men portrayed that way on TV,' he told Ellen DeGeneres last
week. 'The gay male image in the media tends to be very cliché.’ So,
let me get this straight. Lambert, who dresses like the immaculately
conceived love child of Siegfried and Roy, is not a cliché? Cut to me
giving the TV the side eye and scratching my head. He’s a bundle of
clichés, and represents a very outdated image of the flamboyant gay
performer. Freddie Mercury and his stretch unitards were more
groundbreaking, and definitely sexier."- Boston Globe style columnist Christopher Muther.

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Christmas Wish List

Years and years ago, I would get a chuckle out the attempt by the French to rid their official language of foreign words.  It seemed to be an annual thing with some academics announcing the proper French terms to be used instead of the English, German, or another languages' words that crept into French usage.  Do they still do it?  Maybe, I'll look.

The Spaniards have the right idea.  The Royal Language Academy of Spain (RAE) has launched a new grammar book for the over 500 million in more than 20 nations that speak Spanish.  According to an article at the BBC:

The new guidelines do not set cut-and-dried dogma on what is correct and what is not.  Instead, they make recommendations as to what linguists generally accept to be proper Spanish.  "Rules are set by speakers. What the academy does is observe and document," the RAE president said.  But until now grammar rules in nations outside Spain had been never acknowledged, said Mexican linguist Rocio Mandujano.

"We know now that we are not speaking poorly. It's only a different
grammar," Ms Mandujano, from Mexico City's National Autonomous
University, told the Associated Press news agency.

As a student of the Spanish language, maybe I'd benefit from one of the versions of the book.  Maybe Santa will bring it to me next year.  Maybe.

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Photo of the Day

Alright. With my laptop incompacitated I am unable to readily post the pictures I take each week. This photograph was taken last week. I was fasinated with the red trumpet blossoms. Yes, there is snow back in Michigan and we get to see various flowers blooming all year long. This is Paradise.

SKY Mexico

I seldom do any product promotion. I rarely badmouth a product or company or condominium association unless I have been lied to and/or aggrieved. SKY Mexico is a satellite television provider. They suck. They lie. And, I recommend that if you are moving to Mexico or if you are already here -- avoid them like the plague. There are other more reliable and trustworthy options with internet, cable, or satellite.

And, really. Can you trust a company that has lying sales folks in storefronts and on the side of the road?

Mock the GOP: Green Balloon Edition

The story about Rod Jetton, Republican and former Missouri State House Speaker, beating his girlfriend senseless during "rough" sexual intercourse has been all around the blogs.  Apparently, Jetton's girlfriend failed to use the couple's agreed upon "safe word" before she passed into unconsciousness.  Poor gal.  She recanted enough of her story to Missouri law enforcement officials so Rod Jetton wasn't charged with any serious crimes.

The blogs that I have read have been quick to point out that the former state legislator is rabidly anti-gay.  I have withheld comment about this whole sordid affair because, after all, it is just another hypocrisy as usual Republican and Christianist event.  Except, now the other shoe has dropped.  With a little checking, we find a controversy about the removal of a former chair of the Committee on Crime Prevention and Public Safety for having tweaked the language of a particualr bill that in effect removed language making gay sex illegal.  Mr. Jetton was bold enough to refer to gay sex as "deviate sexual intercourse".

Got that.  Mr. Jetton is the deviant.  He gets his kicks from beating, and allegedly drugging, his opposite sex partner.  He has sexual relations outside the Bonds of Holy Matrimony.  Phreaking hypocrite.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mike Bouchard --- STFU

The latest education news from Michigan concerns just another politician that thinks his conservative Republican supporters will agree with just another Republican political slap at public education in Michigan. Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard, Republican gubernatorial candidate, wants to see Michigan school districts privatize more and more of the services given to Michigan students. From

The Oakland County sheriff said Tuesday he has saved $1.6 million a year by privatizing food services at the county jail. He says schools can see their own savings by consolidating services and leveraging their purchasing power. He adds that some school districts already have turned some services over to private contractors.

Privatizing services that are now provided by actual employees of a school district makes sense only to those that imagine, correctly or not, that those services would cost the school districts less money. These folks want to shift jobs that bus drivers, classroom aides, and food service personnel currently have to private contractors. The private contractor pledges, at least for the first contract period that is negotiated with the school district, that he can provide workers to do those same jobs at less cost to the school districts while giving himself and any company partners or stockholders a profit. To do so, workers for the private company will have lower wages and fewer, if any, benefits. The private contractor's employees would also not be part of the retirement system to which most school district employees across the State of Michigan belong. And, forget about unions.

Privatization only contributes to the downward spiral of wages. The entire community suffers when wages contract and folks have to live on less. Does anyone even care about the school district employees displaced by privatization schemes? If the new employer deigns to hire them back to their "old jobs" it is at a grossly reduced hourly wage, no seniority, and little or no benefits like sick days or health care. Experience and commitment to the cause of public education is tossed aside along with those workers.

And, tell me, Sheriff Bouchard, do those private companies have to obey the same State laws? Will all the new employees be fingerprinted and have background checks? Will they have to pass drug screenings? Or, like everything else proposed by Republicans, are there exemptions for the private sector employees working with our children? And, will the companies be able to discriminate in hiring and not have to be as fair and transparent as are the public school districts in their hiring practices?

You know, public education should be provided on a not-for-profit basis. Education is a right in Michigan and health care should be also. 100% of my tax dollars should go toward educating the children and none of it should go into the pocket of private companies and their stockholders. Most health insurance companies spend only 80% of premium dollars on caring for the sick and injured. Stockholder profits and outlandish executive pay takes away too many of our health care dollars. An insurance company shouldn't make a profit from injury and disease. Personally, I find it obscene.

My opinion? Mike Bouchard should think for himself and forget all those Republican myths about public education and the unions that represent the good folks that provide that education and related services to the children of Michigan. Please ponder what's best for all and not just those that make campaign contributions.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This Made Me Smile

Enjoy!  H/T to Towleroad's Guide to the Tubes #579

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Driving Me Crazy

Stupid things drive me right up the wall. Unrepentant hypocrisy makes me absolutely crazy. Liars? There are simply no words...... This image, above, is of an anti-gay mailer being used by a candidate for mayor in Houston. Look at the obvious ignorance. First, I don't give a rat's ass about Gene Locke and the allegation that he bankrolled the costs of this dumb mailer. Second, the fact that Annise Parker is gay is irrelevant. Third, Houston?

The entire mailer seems pretty consistent in its stupidity. Let's begin and end with the uneducated attempt to make a comparison of the two candidates concerned. There is no actually comparison. The mailer uses one point to tell us one biographical fact about Locke and TWO additional points relating to the reader those issues that Gene Locke supports. And, the mailer tells us about one likely group of supporters. These points are then "compared" with two quasi biographical facts -- skewed to make Annise Parker look incompetent -- and two points relating to us that "questionable" groups support Annise Parker. This is no way to compare and contrast.

Stating that a bean counter counted the beans and reported about the number of beans found has absolutely nothing to do with the Houston politics and happenstances that allegedly brought the city to the brink of bankruptcy. Of course, a Controller is going to "certify" city budgets. That's a job concerning facts and figures, not a political viewpoint. What's so damning about that? And, the information about groups or interests that support Annise Parker is irrelevant except to the extent that the author of this nonsense wishes to sully her name because of the alleged support of those awful gays, unionists, and liberals. For a true comparison, we need to know which fake organizations and which true crazies support Gene Locke. Who are they? KKK? Anti-immigrationists? Texas Separationists? Teabaggers? Porn Lovers United?

What a piece of crap. Someone needs to go back to school and pay better attention in their Language Arts classes. This mailer only persuades me that the author and supporters of the mailer are uneducated political hacks. This mailer is just stupid propaganda meant for the undiscerning right-wing voter. When will we again value education and competence over bigoted dogma?

H/T to Towleroad

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Headed for Hell Part 2

I've already moaned a bit about the street evangelists at Yale and Syracuse University being mocked by clever students. I even called Chris Pesto a Hero. I mocked the very idea of the Repent: Hell Awaits You message found on the sandwich-board. And, I have pointed out the alleged fact that Tom DeLay, former Republican Congressman from Texas, is going to Hell for being one of the evil "Dirty Dancers".

Let's see --- Carrie Prejean -- Hell awaits you! Aw, come on, we know the category from the damn sign.......(Hint: It starts with the letter M)......

And, boy could someone have fun identifying members of the Republican Party that must repent. There are numerous liars and thieves still serving time in prison. It is probably too easy...... Just think of the fun that may be had on YouTube with this. Anyone inspired and have time to kill?

Do any of the lethal sins on the sign apply to Diaper Dave Vitter, Republican Senator from Louisiana? Or, Governor Mark Sanford, Appalachian Trail Hiker? Doesn't it seem funny that "Adulterers" were left off the list?

Ann Coulter --- Immodest Woman


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Monday, December 7, 2009

You've Got To Be Kidding


I know that it is the end of the year and we'll be hearing countless Top and Best and Worst of 2009 stuff from now until February 2010, but I just freaking forgot that we also must be harangued about the freaking decade. It will remain a blessing that we do not have any service from a television cable/satellite provider. We are still waiting for SKY Mexico to pick up their equipment 3 months after canceling their unreliable untruthful service. SKY Mexico sucks big leafy banana leaves and we have yet to talk to the cable folks. So, for now, we are enjoying watching our favorite shows through SeriesYonkis. And, trust me, I won't be tuning in to any Best/Worst of the Decade shows.

I just hope that Olbermann and Maddow avoid entertaining us with stories of the dazzling decade. Do we really need to be reminded just now about the shit that we saw and heard through the 8 long years of the Shrub presidency? Must we relive those heady days when America was being driven into the dirt by reckless Republicans and dimwitted Democrats? Let's move on.

If you give a rat's ass, Billboard has published their list of the decade's best one hit wonders. And, wouldn't you know that the song "Bad Day" was at the very top. Right. It was a bit of a Bad Decade.

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Brain Storm

Considering myself a creative person, I have always appreciated the value of numerous techniques used to flesh out the better ideas and plans that whirl around in the chemical soup called brain matter. Being a person that has lived with Bipolar Disorder Type II, I frequently get the extra special treat of having my days and nights interrupted with thoughts that race through the mind often demanding action before I may sleep or do anything else. I have always accepted that my mind has worked a certain way whether I have prepared lessons for the classroom or sermons meant for the edification of the Church. As I look back, these literal storms in the brain have not always been productive. And, then again, some of my best work, though thorough and factually correct, has been dismissed out of hand because of pride and prejudice. It is no small wonder to me how some folks, faced with facts, faced with truth, faced with reality may shield whatever rational thoughts that they are capable of having and declare loudly the opposite of fact, truth, and reality. What motivates them? What motivates a pathological liar? What the hell explains Sarah Palin?

My mind has been attempting to shift into overdrive. And, right now it is a battle between an atypical serotonin re-uptake inhibitor and some misguided brain chemicals that may even have enlisted the help of a wonky thyroid that produces too little of the chemicals it is responsible to produce for the well being of my body. I suspect that wonky thyroid, let's called it Roger, has also conspired to send my heart into fits of supra-ventricular tachycardia. And, crap, when that happens its time to bring on the Iranian salad. But, only a few bites, mind you.

I've been having a few thoughts about the photographs of the young folks mocking the Christianist evangelists that I posted a week ago. As is typical for me, these thoughts come and go and may be modified. When put to paper (read word processor), these same thoughts may be written and re-written. This post has been visited over the course of two days. I may never get it "right". My own self-censoring won't allow me to make any disparaging cracks about the young woman in the ankle length corduroy skirt. I'm sure at first she was a good sport about Chis Pesto's counter-protest sign but after the arrival of the others I'm certain she no longer appreciated the humor. That is, if one can tolerate and/or appreciate being mocked.

The guy with the sandwich sign is a total tool. I feel sorry for the guy. Not pity. Just some deep sense of understanding. Martyrdom. It is so much easier to die for some cause than it is to live day-in and day-out with some fucked-up dancing with the martyrs mindset that thrives, indeed thrills in being just like Saint Whosit, Mother Waddles, Sir Thomas Whatsit, or even like the martyred Joseph Smith or the Savior Himself. Imagine how ego feeding it is to be a humble servant of Some Lord and just like all the old prophets and the early lion baiting Christians you get persecuted for that service. Glory. Glory. You must be doing something right. See? The Book said this would happen to me. My Reward is assured.

Oh, yeah. Sad. I understand the mindset. I once was there.......then, I grew up.

And, really. Evolutionists? So, anyone with a rational mind that believes what the science of science has proven to the world is going to hell unless they rebuke the very set of investigative processes that have proven tobacco kills. Yep. Back to the dark ages. We don't need doctors, eyeglasses, or heart medicine. Just die as the Lord intended. And, condemning potheads? Where in the Bible does it say, "Thou shalt not toke?"

That sandwich sign is just unreal. The list of sinners going to hell represents the Christianist/American Taliban most hated groups and makes no mention of the other so-called offenses to God that are found in the Old Testament. Come on. How about listing shellfish eaters and those that insist on wearing clothing with mixed fibers? How many so-called good Christianists leave their homes and parade in public with cotton and polyester blended shirts, dresses, or slacks? Shame. Shame.

And, pray tell, where is the invitation to follow Christ? Where is the sharing of the "Good News"? Absent from their outreach program it seems. Now, that's a sin.

Tom DeLay -- Dirty Dancer


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Have a Safe Christmas

H/T to Towleroad

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It seems to me that Adam Lambert did not WIN the American Idol contest.  Right?  I really don't care either.  The only song that I enjoyed hearing him sing was the first one (Mad World) that seemed to go viral on the internet.  So, it is safe to say that I'm not a fan.  Nevertheless, Adam Lambert's Music Awards performance was tragic on so many levels.  If his youthful enthusiasm and lack of self-censoring continues I think his career may be over before he has the chance to start it in earnest.

Towleroad has this post headline Adam Lambert's View Appearance to Be Taped Because 'People Seem to Be Afraid of What He'll Do'.  That says it all.

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Oh, This is Just Great!

Michigan is in deep trouble.  I have complained in the past that a bean counting Democratic leader wants to help the State of Michigan save money with its retiree health care costs by screwing me and the hundreds of thousands of other retired public servants with lesser benefits and higher personal costs.  Now, the great brains are contemplating a study that says Michigan is too generous in not taxing the pension income of retirees in the State of Michigan.

Oh, yes.  Let's make up for the failure to raise taxes on the whole of Michigan by going at the pensions of retired folks.  Yep, break another promise made to Michigan public school employees........

It seems to me that the politicians once hoped Michigan could become a haven for the retired.  It ain't gonna happen ever with the regressive and punitive tax and money savings ideas coming from the idiots in Lansing.

Raise the income tax.  Simple.  Really.

H/T to Michigan Liberal's News Feed

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Music Video Monday


Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Blast From the Past

Many thanks to Susie Madrak of Suburban Guerrilla for posting the YouTube links to the Mr. Magoo Christmas Special.  The first one is here and the others may be found grouped together here.


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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Friday, December 4, 2009

Your Moment of Zen

Somewhere in Mexico


My brother in Michigan, U.S.A. sent me the link to this video.  The TallBoys Band filmed most of the video in our very own village of Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico.  Think of watching the video for a glimpse of the beauty of our little parcel of Paridise and enjoy the lyrics and music.

This jig-saw puzzle piece has found his fit.  Right here in Mexico.

TallBoys Band - Somewhere In Mexico

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Thursday, December 3, 2009


Frosty the Inappropriate Snowman

H/T to Joe.My.God

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I watched this video before reading an email from the Michigan Association of Retired School Personnel.  I'm grateful for the information about the increases in my health insurance premium costs and the increases in out-of-pocket expenses.  Phreaking depressing, especially because I'm here and not receiving any benefits.....

The only positive..................mental health care parity.   Last year, retired school personnel had to pay for 50% of every expense for mental health.  In 2010, 90% of the costs are covered.  It is too bad the LAW had to change for folks like me to be given fair treatment for suffering an illness that is just as organic as my damned wonky thyroid......

The YouTube clip below was a Andrew Sullivan "Mental Health Break" posting from today.  I actually like one of Rammstein's songs - Ohne Dich.  Enjoy.

Rammstein VS Cookie Monster

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Chris Pesto: Hero

The Christian and Christianist communities both seem to conveniently forget to mention any urgent need to enforce the numerous other commandments found in those same Books of the Bible that are used to so rabidly condemn homosexuals for simply being alive. Do as I say and not as I do....... tyrants, eh?

Read this young man's story here. H/T Towleroad.