Monday, December 7, 2009

Brain Storm

Considering myself a creative person, I have always appreciated the value of numerous techniques used to flesh out the better ideas and plans that whirl around in the chemical soup called brain matter. Being a person that has lived with Bipolar Disorder Type II, I frequently get the extra special treat of having my days and nights interrupted with thoughts that race through the mind often demanding action before I may sleep or do anything else. I have always accepted that my mind has worked a certain way whether I have prepared lessons for the classroom or sermons meant for the edification of the Church. As I look back, these literal storms in the brain have not always been productive. And, then again, some of my best work, though thorough and factually correct, has been dismissed out of hand because of pride and prejudice. It is no small wonder to me how some folks, faced with facts, faced with truth, faced with reality may shield whatever rational thoughts that they are capable of having and declare loudly the opposite of fact, truth, and reality. What motivates them? What motivates a pathological liar? What the hell explains Sarah Palin?

My mind has been attempting to shift into overdrive. And, right now it is a battle between an atypical serotonin re-uptake inhibitor and some misguided brain chemicals that may even have enlisted the help of a wonky thyroid that produces too little of the chemicals it is responsible to produce for the well being of my body. I suspect that wonky thyroid, let's called it Roger, has also conspired to send my heart into fits of supra-ventricular tachycardia. And, crap, when that happens its time to bring on the Iranian salad. But, only a few bites, mind you.

I've been having a few thoughts about the photographs of the young folks mocking the Christianist evangelists that I posted a week ago. As is typical for me, these thoughts come and go and may be modified. When put to paper (read word processor), these same thoughts may be written and re-written. This post has been visited over the course of two days. I may never get it "right". My own self-censoring won't allow me to make any disparaging cracks about the young woman in the ankle length corduroy skirt. I'm sure at first she was a good sport about Chis Pesto's counter-protest sign but after the arrival of the others I'm certain she no longer appreciated the humor. That is, if one can tolerate and/or appreciate being mocked.

The guy with the sandwich sign is a total tool. I feel sorry for the guy. Not pity. Just some deep sense of understanding. Martyrdom. It is so much easier to die for some cause than it is to live day-in and day-out with some fucked-up dancing with the martyrs mindset that thrives, indeed thrills in being just like Saint Whosit, Mother Waddles, Sir Thomas Whatsit, or even like the martyred Joseph Smith or the Savior Himself. Imagine how ego feeding it is to be a humble servant of Some Lord and just like all the old prophets and the early lion baiting Christians you get persecuted for that service. Glory. Glory. You must be doing something right. See? The Book said this would happen to me. My Reward is assured.

Oh, yeah. Sad. I understand the mindset. I once was there.......then, I grew up.

And, really. Evolutionists? So, anyone with a rational mind that believes what the science of science has proven to the world is going to hell unless they rebuke the very set of investigative processes that have proven tobacco kills. Yep. Back to the dark ages. We don't need doctors, eyeglasses, or heart medicine. Just die as the Lord intended. And, condemning potheads? Where in the Bible does it say, "Thou shalt not toke?"

That sandwich sign is just unreal. The list of sinners going to hell represents the Christianist/American Taliban most hated groups and makes no mention of the other so-called offenses to God that are found in the Old Testament. Come on. How about listing shellfish eaters and those that insist on wearing clothing with mixed fibers? How many so-called good Christianists leave their homes and parade in public with cotton and polyester blended shirts, dresses, or slacks? Shame. Shame.

And, pray tell, where is the invitation to follow Christ? Where is the sharing of the "Good News"? Absent from their outreach program it seems. Now, that's a sin.

Tom DeLay -- Dirty Dancer


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