Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Driving Me Crazy

Stupid things drive me right up the wall. Unrepentant hypocrisy makes me absolutely crazy. Liars? There are simply no words...... This image, above, is of an anti-gay mailer being used by a candidate for mayor in Houston. Look at the obvious ignorance. First, I don't give a rat's ass about Gene Locke and the allegation that he bankrolled the costs of this dumb mailer. Second, the fact that Annise Parker is gay is irrelevant. Third, Houston?

The entire mailer seems pretty consistent in its stupidity. Let's begin and end with the uneducated attempt to make a comparison of the two candidates concerned. There is no actually comparison. The mailer uses one point to tell us one biographical fact about Locke and TWO additional points relating to the reader those issues that Gene Locke supports. And, the mailer tells us about one likely group of supporters. These points are then "compared" with two quasi biographical facts -- skewed to make Annise Parker look incompetent -- and two points relating to us that "questionable" groups support Annise Parker. This is no way to compare and contrast.

Stating that a bean counter counted the beans and reported about the number of beans found has absolutely nothing to do with the Houston politics and happenstances that allegedly brought the city to the brink of bankruptcy. Of course, a Controller is going to "certify" city budgets. That's a job concerning facts and figures, not a political viewpoint. What's so damning about that? And, the information about groups or interests that support Annise Parker is irrelevant except to the extent that the author of this nonsense wishes to sully her name because of the alleged support of those awful gays, unionists, and liberals. For a true comparison, we need to know which fake organizations and which true crazies support Gene Locke. Who are they? KKK? Anti-immigrationists? Texas Separationists? Teabaggers? Porn Lovers United?

What a piece of crap. Someone needs to go back to school and pay better attention in their Language Arts classes. This mailer only persuades me that the author and supporters of the mailer are uneducated political hacks. This mailer is just stupid propaganda meant for the undiscerning right-wing voter. When will we again value education and competence over bigoted dogma?

H/T to Towleroad

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