Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Headed for Hell Part 2

I've already moaned a bit about the street evangelists at Yale and Syracuse University being mocked by clever students. I even called Chris Pesto a Hero. I mocked the very idea of the Repent: Hell Awaits You message found on the sandwich-board. And, I have pointed out the alleged fact that Tom DeLay, former Republican Congressman from Texas, is going to Hell for being one of the evil "Dirty Dancers".

Let's see --- Carrie Prejean -- Hell awaits you! Aw, come on, we know the category from the damn sign.......(Hint: It starts with the letter M)......

And, boy could someone have fun identifying members of the Republican Party that must repent. There are numerous liars and thieves still serving time in prison. It is probably too easy...... Just think of the fun that may be had on YouTube with this. Anyone inspired and have time to kill?

Do any of the lethal sins on the sign apply to Diaper Dave Vitter, Republican Senator from Louisiana? Or, Governor Mark Sanford, Appalachian Trail Hiker? Doesn't it seem funny that "Adulterers" were left off the list?

Ann Coulter --- Immodest Woman


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