Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Just Sing

There is so much going on in the world and right now who can concentrate on any of it?  Health Care Reform has met the Ultimate Death Panel and it is called the United States Senate.  The HCR has been put on life-support and Senator Joe Lieberman is anxious to pull the plug.  Good night, Irene.

The conservative movement, accepting of a gay Republican group, is continuing to splinter.  The GOP Proud folks are co-sponsoring the annual conservative event called CPAC.  The anti-gay groups that were to also co-sponsor the event are now protesting that co-sponsorship.  In other words, get the hell out of our collapsing big tent.  Fun fun fun.

Michigan is in the process of firing numerous teachers and educational support personnel as school boards across the state met on Monday to reduce budgets due to the asinine reductions made by the State of Michigan's legislature and governor.  Yep, the politicians in Michigan get to continue to point fingers and jockey for power as school children get short changed.  Politics as usual.

Its become a real chore to read the news from back in Michigan.

On a much lighter note --- ENJOY this video diversion.  (H/T to Towleroad)

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