Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mock the GOP: Green Balloon Edition

The story about Rod Jetton, Republican and former Missouri State House Speaker, beating his girlfriend senseless during "rough" sexual intercourse has been all around the blogs.  Apparently, Jetton's girlfriend failed to use the couple's agreed upon "safe word" before she passed into unconsciousness.  Poor gal.  She recanted enough of her story to Missouri law enforcement officials so Rod Jetton wasn't charged with any serious crimes.

The blogs that I have read have been quick to point out that the former state legislator is rabidly anti-gay.  I have withheld comment about this whole sordid affair because, after all, it is just another hypocrisy as usual Republican and Christianist event.  Except, now the other shoe has dropped.  With a little checking, we find a controversy about the removal of a former chair of the Committee on Crime Prevention and Public Safety for having tweaked the language of a particualr bill that in effect removed language making gay sex illegal.  Mr. Jetton was bold enough to refer to gay sex as "deviate sexual intercourse".

Got that.  Mr. Jetton is the deviant.  He gets his kicks from beating, and allegedly drugging, his opposite sex partner.  He has sexual relations outside the Bonds of Holy Matrimony.  Phreaking hypocrite.

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