Monday, December 7, 2009

Oh, This is Just Great!

Michigan is in deep trouble.  I have complained in the past that a bean counting Democratic leader wants to help the State of Michigan save money with its retiree health care costs by screwing me and the hundreds of thousands of other retired public servants with lesser benefits and higher personal costs.  Now, the great brains are contemplating a study that says Michigan is too generous in not taxing the pension income of retirees in the State of Michigan.

Oh, yes.  Let's make up for the failure to raise taxes on the whole of Michigan by going at the pensions of retired folks.  Yep, break another promise made to Michigan public school employees........

It seems to me that the politicians once hoped Michigan could become a haven for the retired.  It ain't gonna happen ever with the regressive and punitive tax and money savings ideas coming from the idiots in Lansing.

Raise the income tax.  Simple.  Really.

H/T to Michigan Liberal's News Feed

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