Thursday, December 3, 2009


I watched this video before reading an email from the Michigan Association of Retired School Personnel.  I'm grateful for the information about the increases in my health insurance premium costs and the increases in out-of-pocket expenses.  Phreaking depressing, especially because I'm here and not receiving any benefits.....

The only positive..................mental health care parity.   Last year, retired school personnel had to pay for 50% of every expense for mental health.  In 2010, 90% of the costs are covered.  It is too bad the LAW had to change for folks like me to be given fair treatment for suffering an illness that is just as organic as my damned wonky thyroid......

The YouTube clip below was a Andrew Sullivan "Mental Health Break" posting from today.  I actually like one of Rammstein's songs - Ohne Dich.  Enjoy.

Rammstein VS Cookie Monster

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