Thursday, December 10, 2009

What He Said

Re:  Adam Lambert

Lifted entirely from our friends at Joe.My.God ----

"If the FCC is going to investigate anything it should be that Lambert
may be compromising the reputation of gay men everywhere. Gay men have
proudly worked hard for centuries to cultivate the appearance of having
good taste. Tom Ford, fashion designer and the living embodiment of
homo-sexy refinement, is even bringing his mission to movie theaters
this month with "A Single Man.’’ And then comes Lambert with his Mystic
Tan, makeup, and eyeliner to steamroll it all back dozens of years.

more offensive than the bump, grind, and kiss is that Lambert is now
taking it upon himself to explain why folks had a difficult time
digesting his American Music Awards performance. 'People aren’t used to
seeing gay men portrayed that way on TV,' he told Ellen DeGeneres last
week. 'The gay male image in the media tends to be very cliché.’ So,
let me get this straight. Lambert, who dresses like the immaculately
conceived love child of Siegfried and Roy, is not a cliché? Cut to me
giving the TV the side eye and scratching my head. He’s a bundle of
clichés, and represents a very outdated image of the flamboyant gay
performer. Freddie Mercury and his stretch unitards were more
groundbreaking, and definitely sexier."- Boston Globe style columnist Christopher Muther.

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