Tuesday, December 29, 2009


For the last decade, Republicans and their Christianist allies have been successful in turning out voters in various state and national elections.  One of the keys to their success has been the placement of anti-gay, anti-abortion, and anti-gay marriage ballot initiatives before those same voters that the Christianists have rallied to go vote to save the nation, the state, the Holy Sacrament of Marriage, and/or for some other great Christianist cause.  Election after election, we witnessed the dramatic effects of the Right's ability to drive "social-issue-voters" to the polls.

The issue that no doubt will remain as a wedge to voters is gay marriage.  The losses in Maine and California have devastated some civil rights activists.  Others are just more determined to see that gay folks are not discriminated against in employment, health care, housing --- actually all aspects of life.  Unfortunately, I've read that some activists have suggested that gay folks just settle.  Settle for something less than full marriage rights and benefits...... Settle for something less than a full repeal of the Congress's and military's Don't Ask Don't Tell policy...... Settle for empty promises which haven't even a glimmer of hope of creating CHANGE that we can believe in.......

Oddly enough, Karl Rove, the architect of the divide and conquer wedge-issues ballot initiatives scheme, is in the news today.  It seems that this self-proclaimed defender of traditional marriage has just scored his second, got that 2nd, divorce.  He and the now-X took advantage of the no-fault easy easy easy divorce law in Texas.  Yes, Texas -- the bastion of Christianist hypocrisy.

Will there be a shoe to drop?  Some chesty Argentinian or drug addled boytoy?

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