Monday, December 7, 2009

You've Got To Be Kidding


I know that it is the end of the year and we'll be hearing countless Top and Best and Worst of 2009 stuff from now until February 2010, but I just freaking forgot that we also must be harangued about the freaking decade. It will remain a blessing that we do not have any service from a television cable/satellite provider. We are still waiting for SKY Mexico to pick up their equipment 3 months after canceling their unreliable untruthful service. SKY Mexico sucks big leafy banana leaves and we have yet to talk to the cable folks. So, for now, we are enjoying watching our favorite shows through SeriesYonkis. And, trust me, I won't be tuning in to any Best/Worst of the Decade shows.

I just hope that Olbermann and Maddow avoid entertaining us with stories of the dazzling decade. Do we really need to be reminded just now about the shit that we saw and heard through the 8 long years of the Shrub presidency? Must we relive those heady days when America was being driven into the dirt by reckless Republicans and dimwitted Democrats? Let's move on.

If you give a rat's ass, Billboard has published their list of the decade's best one hit wonders. And, wouldn't you know that the song "Bad Day" was at the very top. Right. It was a bit of a Bad Decade.

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