Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Candice Miller: Political Opportunist

When the infamous airline shoe bomber failed in his attempt to bring down an American airliner did Candice Miller (R-MI) complain that the law needed to change so that the alleged terrorist criminal could be sent to languish at Gitmo and await a military tribunal?  No.  She and the other mindless Bushie minions were content to allow the criminal justice system to work.  Richard Reid was quickly tried and convicted in Federal Court.  He is now serving a life sentence in a Federal prison.

So, what has changed.


Candice Miller has announced that she would soon sponsor a Bill in Congress to change the process for any future "underwear" bombers.  Why?  Does she fear that our system doesn't work?  Probably not.  This is all politics.

It is an election year and Miller, it seems, will do and say anything to be re-elected.

Miller's attempt to capitalize on the failed undie bombing is pure political opportunism.  Disgusting, Lady.  Disgusting.

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