Thursday, January 7, 2010

One Idea Worth Considering

When politicians seek election or re-election they often make promises that are seldom kept.  They suggest programs and policies that are sometimes explored when they are elected.  For the most part, an intelligent voter knows that the crap spewed during the campaign is just that -- not all promises, programs, and policies ever make it out of some legislative committee or even to the point of introduction as a Bill.  More often than not, the politicians with all the bright ideas get elected and the electorate does not them responsible to follow through with any of their campaign promises.

Mike Bouchard, Oakland County Sheriff and Republican candidate for the GOP nomination for Michigan governor, has a new idea.  I must admit that this new idea is worth thoughtful consideration.  The last one that I read and commented about was worthy of scorn because of its anti-worker, anti-union, and wealth-redistribution scheme.  Yep, taking my tax dollars for public (non-profit) education and giving them to private-for-profit enterprises in the guise of "education reform" or "school improvement" is a bit of a slimy idea.

Being reported today is a proposal that makes some sense.  Mile Bouchard has suggested that folks lucky enough (READ prosperous enough) to have funds for home improvements be given a 12 month delay in the re-assessment of the value of those homes.  ABC News reports:

The Oakland County sheriff's proposal would create a 12-month window in which homes and businesses could remodel or complete additions without facing property tax increases. The higher taxes resulting from the projects would not kick in until the properties are sold. New homes could be built without facing greater property taxes for a year or until the property sells, whichever comes first.

Bouchard's plan will be introduced soon in the state legislature by Sen. Alan Sanborn, R-Richmond. Bouchard says the plan is time-limited to try to avoid any opposition from local governments and Democrats worried that the move would cut into property tax revenues.

The idea has some merit.

I do hope that someone somewhere is keeping track of the various proposals that the prospective gubernatorial candidates have expressed.  Will any see the light of day before or after the election?

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