Friday, January 29, 2010

Question Time

President Barack Obama just literally "schooled" the Republican House Members at their two-day retreat in Baltimore, MD. The President accepted an invitation to speak and stuck around for an answer and question period. All in all, it was an incredible 86 minutes of viewing.

It was an American version of the British Parliament 's Question Time with the Prime Minister facing the Loyal Opposition's questions without the PM's backing parties sitting in the chamber. President Obama listened patiently to the criticism burdened question prefaces, then each brief "question" and really really ..... there's no words. No president has ever raised the bar of discourse so high. Will the Republicans look up and see how awfully they treated the President of the United States, a guest at their meeting? President Obama's "performance" was brilliant. He was incredibly patient with each House Member and did not let them get away with inaccurate information or propaganda.

Please head here or here to watch the C-Span footage for yourself. The Question and Answer session is the most revealing. The President could have answered many more questions if the Ladies and Gentlemen would have asked direct questions rather than spouting critiques and/or Republican talking points before each "question". Our discourse must become more civil.......

UPDATE: Hey. I wrote this before watching the iTune podcast of Keith Olbermann's Countdown. Wow!

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