Thursday, January 7, 2010

What She Said!

Oh, Good Grief!

The teabaggers are coming to Detroit to protest during the 2010 Auto Show.  Good Luck with that...........

From WizardKitten,

"...Face it people, as tough as things are now, it would have been FAR WORSE if these companies had been liquidated - but you teabaggers go ahead and bring your wacky signs that protest saving thousands of Michigan jobs.

It will be an honor to tie them to the next Michigan politician who embraces your movement for political gain."

Yes.  I want to see the pictures of any mindless Republican that goes out on that cold cold morning to protest the saving of Michigan jobs.  I want to see the now typical hate-filled signs that the teabaggers carry.  Let's have the art to show the people of Michigan and the rest of the world what Republicans believe and support.

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