Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Days Late and Too Many Dollars Short

Give it up, Andy.  Your attempt to explain your cold reception of the Governor's budget and tax revenue plans is pathetic.  It is a little too late to walk back your damning comments and actions.  Preparing a cuts-only budget as a "tool" to demonstrate the foolishness of cut after cut after cut is plain dumb.  It is just as dumb as making cut after cut after cut and calling it "reform".  Is this how you bargain with the Republicans in Lansing?  Do you always start at your bottom line and pray for other stupid folks to gift you more?

Instead of "Yes, Governor, let's get it done!", we have Speaker of the State House Andy Dillon saying, "Nope."  Come on, Andy!  Get your head out of your behind and get in the game.  Better still, just leave the field of play.  Someone in Lansing must still have a spine.  Or, maybe someone in Flint......

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